My name is David Desser and I respectfully ask that you vote for me for Perrysburg school board.

I want to steward better schools.  The school system must get better at communicating and listening to parents. Recently, the board approved $96,000 starting pay a year for a new administrator. This could have paid for 2 more new teachers. Recently we voted for a new additional levy.  And now we’ve added 3 more new, admin/support type jobs!  There is another added levy on the way, and a renewal level.  We spend over $13,000 per child, which is $260,000 for a classroom of 20.  We need a long term plan to keep costs down.

About half of the citizens in Perrysburg earn less than $50,000 a year, and the average teacher earns $79,000. Can we afford to pay even more per classroom?

Human nature dictates that we will always have, and have to work against, racial and cultural prejudices. In order to achieve optimum results, a board has to first, listen to the community, and second, make sure the administration is executing the strategies that represent the entire community, evenly. Children are not to be tools for a teacher or school district’s vision of social change, but instead, educated factually so as adults they have the knowledge base to make good, roundly educated, kind decisions.

We have 5 children and have experienced 6 different school systems through an unusual set of circumstances so I have seen multiple ways to operate schools. These varied experiences can benefit Perrysburg. I am community minded and enjoy people and being involved. I am good at finding common ground with others and communicating. A board should have an array of experiences amongst its members and listen to the community. My experiences as a small business owner, & being on the Salvation Army Board, which provides services throughout the area, Downtown Toledo Development Committee, which works on the vision for Downtown Development, West Side Montessori School Board, and Toledo Early College High School Board, which is an Excellent rated Charter School operated by Toledo Public Schools and The University of Toledo positions me with useful experiences to share with the Perrysburg community.

We need a board, administration and staff who don’t just validate concerns, but actually address them. We need a ten year plan, and we need to lay out half a dozen options for what our future can hold, so the public can decide what choices are best for the entire community. We don’t want to create a community that causes people to move out of the district due to high taxes.

We also need to look at the cost audit report the State of Ohio did for our school system on cost issues and take action.

Children’s biological reasoning hasn’t developed yet. They have few experiences. Schools shouldn’t teach young children to be activists. 

Nor teach kids racial and sexual politics and sociology. Or the teachers’ opinion of culture and history woven into every subject, from English to Math to Health class to civics.

I encourage the staff and system to work hard with any child who needs more help, and identify and work with them. Having more administrators, fewer teachers, more requirements, and more opinion, will not lead to a better basic education.